Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So How Did You Do It?

***Before you begin reading, remember, I am not a doctor, I don't claim to be a doctor.  These are just things that worked for me.  Each person is different.  Before making drastic changes, I highly recommend consulting your doctor as I did.  Any products listed on this page, I use on a regular basis and I am not getting any kind of benefits from naming them.***

I am constantly asked, "So how did you do it?" 
In the next few posts, I am going to share with you things that I shared with my wonderful doctor, who was fully on board with my new healthy way of life.   Although, I kind of got the feeling that she was a little skeptical since she had seen my weight and my health yo-yo up and down for many years. 

It is important to find a doctor that is willing to back you up.  So many doctors these days are all for the prescription drug train.  They give you one for one problem, then because of the side effects, they give you another.  Of course that one has side effects, so they give you another, and so on and so on. Next thing you know you are taking pills all day long.  Luckily my doc had always wanted to try a "lifestyle change" before putting me on any meds.   

Once you start your lifestyle change, it is important to keep up with your doctor.  Trust me, this is important as you do not want to have to keep taking synthetic drugs while you are healing your body through your eating and exercise.  Just within a few months, I was able to get off of my high cholesterol medications.  It is amazing how eating the right foods can heal your body. 

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and I took in the information below. I found it helpful to log my foods and supplements so she could see what kind of foods I was eating, and what supplements I was taking.  I also included label information.  Doctors are not always in tune with supplements and what they are for.  This is the part where I take charge of my own health and be responsible for what is going into my body.  Don't leave it completely up to your doctor....you and your doctor should be a team with YOU in the lead. 
This is when I went in to consult my doctor after making the changes below. 

Here is the information that I took to my doctor.

Beverages throughout the day
1 Cup of coffee with 1/2 teaspoon of organic raw sugar/2 tbls of unsweetened coconut milk
(I now use 1/2 teaspoon of unfiltered raw honey)


Water the rest of the day with lemon, lime, grapefruit or berries for flavoring


One cup of organic green tea with organic honey or Agave Nectar


1 cup of hot water with ACV, 1tsp raw  honey, lemon wedge, pinch of cayenne and cinnamon
Breakfast: Smoothie. Nude Food Breakfast Boost with Probiotics and Nuts, Unsweetened Coconut Milk, just a splash of Black Cherry Juice (can't wait for cherry season, I would rather use the whole fruit) Flax seed meal,  Banana, Kale, Blue Berries, Black Berries, Raspberries, Spinach and a some Cacao powder. 
*I now use chia seeds and I mix up my fruits.  I no longer use the Black Cherry Juice, I use an Organic Black Cherry Concentrate if the real cherries are not available.
*I also add a small slice of fresh tumeric, a dash of cinnamon, and a small dash of cayenne pepper. 
Portions are 50% Kale and or Spinach
1 Egg on a bed of fresh Spinach and ½ a of rye toast with home made berry/banana smear, ½ Medium Banana.
1 Egg Omelet with Mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh spinach  ½ piece of Rye Toast.
Banana and ½  piece of Sunflower rye with Berry Smear  (a few berries mixed with Nude Food to make a spread)

Morning Snack-
Celery Sticks and Organic no sugar Peanut butter
Apple and small slice of cheese
Home made Pickle and small slice of cheese
½ to a whole piece of fruit and handful of walnuts

Small Salad w home made dressing of  Vinegar/Olive Oil/Lemon
½ an Avocado and ½ a piece of fruit
Small Salad w Home Made dressing/ handful of walnuts/ pickled asparagus and 4 Rice Crackers
A Fruit Smoothie as above.

Mid Afternoon Snack
Handful of  walnuts
A piece of fruit with a small piece of cheese

Baked and drizzled w/ EVO 3oz Wild Caught Salmon fresh lemon with different Veggies 1 of each color with a small pad of home made organic butter.
Veggies that have been included:  But not all at once…depends on what I have on hand
Sweet Potato
Fresh Spinach
Brussels Sprouts
Baked Chicken (one piece)
With one or two of the Veggies above
1/3 cup Brown Rice Pasta
3 Scallops seared in EVO with mushrooms Red Wine Vinegar pieces of lemon and small pad of  homemade organic butter and capers.
Breakfast for dinner once a week but include 1 to two strips of natural bacon

One or two times a week- Red Meat.  Usually Steak or Roast .  Serving size 3oz
With 1 or two veggies listed above. 

IMPORTANT! BEFORE YOU READ THE NEXT PORTION! These are supplements that worked for me and was approved by my doctor to go along with my medications at the time.  Please, always check with your doctor before changing up or adding supplements, especially if you are currently taking medications!  

Do your homework!  Research everything that you currently take and supplements that you want to take!  I spent hours looking up what works for me. 


PGX- Konja Root Fiber AKA Glucomannan
Glucomannan is a sugar made from the root of the konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac). Glucommanan powder, capsules, and tablets are used as medicine.

Silymarin Milk Thistle Extract 150 mg


KAL, Cal-Citrate+ 


OMEGA 3-6-9


COCONUT OIL (again, do your research, not all coconut oils are alike.   

I would love to introduce you to a wonderful Blogger, Hybrid Rasta Mama I learned so much from her about Coconut Health!  Please visit her page and read up on all the wonderful advantages of Coconut Health.  

 This was just the beginning...I had to learn how to cook so I didn't get tired of the same things.  Some things were added and some things were eliminated.  

In my next post..I will cover my love for essential oils and how I incorporated them into my healthy living. 

As always, may your day be happy and healthy.  It can only get better and better! 


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