Friday, August 9, 2013

My Favorite Body Wash Recipe!

I use to use bar soap that would dry my skin out and leave an icky film.  I tried a few variations of Homemade Body Wash until I finally got it where I like it! 

I used the last of it this morning and thought why don't I share this recipe with you!

This body wash smells so good and the Essential Oils in it are all very good for your skin!

Here is the list of Essential Oils that it contains: 

Lavender:  Lavender offers important antimicrobial, antiviral properties, plus being an anti-inflammatory, balancing, relieves pain, calming and relaxing. 

Rose Absolute: Makes a great skin oil for all skin types, and especially for dry, sensitive, or aging skin. 

Helichrysum:  is known for its regenerating properties.  It has been studied in Europe for regeneration of nerves, improving skin conditions, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and speeding healing.

Frankincense: is a great oil for taking care of mature skin. This oil has been shown to reduce the signs of wrinkles and is also great for the immune system.  

Rose Body Wash
12 oz Bottle (Yes, I know you are not suppose to use plastic with EO's but I don't want glass in my shower.  This stuff usually lasts me about a week or two between my hubby and I) 

3/4  Cup of Dr. Bronner Rose Pure Castile Liquid Soap
1 Tablespoon of melted Coconut Oil.  I only use Tropical Gold Label Virgin. 
1/2 Teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 tablespoon of raw/unfiltered honey
Filtered Water
1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
10 drops rose EO
10 drops lavender EO
5 drops of Helichrysium
5 drops of Frankincense


1. Add all ingredients to a bottle then fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water.  You will want to definitely use a funnel to add the ingredients to your bottle. 

2. Shake before each use and apply all over body. 

  See how it separates?  This is why you want to shake it before each use.  This will leave your skin feeling so good and it smells fantastic! 
***This is a "watery" body wash, so don't be alarmed. It does not leave a film on your body like the commercial body washes.   But a little goes a long way and lathers up very well!***


Good luck to all and have a Happy and Healthy Day! 





  1. Lisa great job! These would be really good with some graphics of one of the main ingredients, and of course your picture on it as well.

    Diana Peery

    1. Thanks Diana. I like to keep my stuff simple. Working with EO, the labels usually ended up falling off as it was. For me Simple is Better.

  2. my current favorite EO is lavander

  3. I already like you on Facebook. I shared your link. Grapefruit is my favorite the moment. :) Thanks!

  4. I'm loving Frankincense & Lavender. :)

  5. My favorite oil so far is vetiver! Can't wait to try your body wash recipe ! Thanks

  6. I love lavender, peppermint. especially love frankincense.

  7. Lavender is my current favorite oil.

  8. My current favorite is lavender. Love blending it with peppermint!

  9. Lavender is the one I use more than any other. Either alone or blended, it is phenomenal!

  10. still kind of new to using EOs...but LOVE lavender...on the bottom of my feet EVERY NIGHT.

  11. Do you have a recipe for a body wash for children?

    1. For children, there is a baby formula Castille Soap, I would use that and only use lavender essential oils. 10 drops of Lavender would be good for the Baby formula at this size. I would also cut the amount of the Baby formula Castille Soap to 1/4 of a cup and also not use the honey in case of allergies.


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