Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Hangover Helper

Happy New Years!!!  
Plan on celebrating with alcohol?  You could end up with a hangover!  Of course my first advice is going to be to limit your alcohol intake or better yet, drink some Kombucha!  It is a fermented healthy drink! 

Alcohol depletes your magnesium levels, is dehydrating, a depressant and so much more. 
Don't get me wrong, there was a time that I made it a point to overindulge on New Years, but getting older, I really don't want to deal with the feeling the day after. Whether there are essential oils or not that can help, I don't want to start the New Year feeling terrible the first day of the year. 

1st thing you want to do is to drink plenty of water all day today, including while you are indulging in those alcohol drinks.  I cannot stress this enough.  Drinking water will help flush toxins from your system and will keep you from being dehydrated. 

Eat food high in Magnesium.  Since alcohol depletes your magnesium levels, it is a good idea to keep those magnesium levels up.  Here are the top 10 foods that have high magnesium levels. 

1. Dark Leafy Greens-Raw Spinach
2. Nuts & Seeds-Pumpkin Seeds & Squash Seeds
3. Fish-Mackerel has the highest amount
4. Beans & Lentils-Soy Beans
5. Whole Grains-Brown Rice
6. Avocados
7. Dairy-Yogurt (in moderation) 
8. Bananas
9. Dried fruit-Figs
10. Dark Chocolate- 72% or higher in Cacao.  Or Cacao Nibs. 

Essential Oils that can help with hangover. 
Fennel – Fennel is carminative, stomachic and hepatic (i.e., stomach and liver tonic) and thus settles an upset stomach and clears the liver and lymph of toxins accumulated from the metabolism of alcohol.

Ginger – Ginger is carminative, stomachic and hepatic (tonic for the stomach and liver). It subdues nausea too. Ginger is clearing and stimulating, lifting the classic mental fog.

Peppermint – Peppermint provides excellent relief from headaches and mental fatigue. It also settles an upset stomach, nausea and the urge to vomit.

Rosemary – Rosemary is a stimulant and a tonic for the central nervous system. As such it promotes mental clarity. A nice blend for mental clarity is rosemary, peppermint and basil. Rosemary also aids digestion and liver functioning.

Juniper Berry – Juniper Berry is a great for detoxification. It eases a sour upset stomach, and helps clear the liver and lymph of toxins with that nasty hangover. 

What Essential Oils to Avoid with a Hangover
Stay away from florals when you have a hangover, with the exception of maybe lavender.  The smell of florals can possibly cause a nauseating feeling. 

Stay away from Vetiver & Patchouli, these are bottom notes that relax you and could possibly bring you down even further.  You should go with more uplifting scents like citrus type oils to energize you. 

Use of essential oils won't take away the hangover, it will only speed up the healing process. 
Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest or just avoid the whole hangover by limiting your alcohol intake. 

Be safe and Be Happy!

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