Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crunch Challenge!

Last month, some of you joined me in the Squat Challenge.  If you completed the entire month, congrats!  You are on your way to a healthier you!  

This month, join me for a
There are two levels..Level 1 for those that are just starting to get active and Level 2 for those that have done some activity.  This is a low impact challenge.  If you are more advance than Level 2, just add on the ones that you feel you are comfortable with.  The point of this is to move and get your blood pumping with adding some activity in your day, targeting the muscles in the abdomen.

If you really want a challenge, go back and re do the Squat Challenge while doing the Crunch Challenge! 
You can find the post on the Squat Challenge HERE.

I personally like using the ball for my crunches and has been successful! 
Click HERE for recommendations on the crunches using the ball. 
My two personal favorites is the 
Ball Crunch - Legs Elevated- Targeting upper abs
Ball Reverse Crunch-Targeting lower abs
I have done both of these in the past and have had wonderful success in reducing my waistline and strengthening my abs. 

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Get moving and get active in the New Year!

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