Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Immune Boosting Foods & Essential Oils To Combat....

The Cold and Flu Season! 

It's is once again that time of the year.  I can't do the flu shot and really don't care to.  So how do I protect my body? 

I make sure that I eat Immune Boosting foods in my diet and I use essential oils to ward off those nasty germs. 

Let's take a look at what you can do to boost your immune system. 

Drink lots of fluids.  Keep your body hydrayted,  but be careful what you drink. Drinks with processed sugars can only harm your body.  Water, Tea, or Fresh Squeezed juices are your best bet. 

Avoid simple sugars as much as possible.  Not only in your drinks but also what you eat.  Processed white flour and refined grains can turn into sugar which suppresses your immune system for hours after you eat them.  Think about it, for breakfast, you eat a donut or a muffin made with white flour and processed sugars, your immune system collapses, you leave the house and run to the grocery store, grab a cart that the last person touched and made a trip to the pharmacy area because they are sick...because your immune system is low, you have a better chance of catching whatever that last person had.  Eat high protein foods.  "Proteins are the building blocks of the body and this includes your immune and detoxification systems. Organic, clean and lean animal protein as well as plant based (legumes, nuts/seeds) proteins are important to get with each meal and snack." (source Dr. Mark Hyman) 

Eat lots of Veggies and Fruit!  High in Vitamin C and phytonutrients, choose cruciferous veggies, like Broccoli, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, and Cauliflower.  Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin C and taste great.  
They are a great substitute to white potatoes.  White potatoes should be used in very very small portions because the starches can turn into sugars which as mentioned before lowers your immune system.   You should be getting 3-4 servings of fruits a day and at least 5 servings of veggies. 

Cook with Garlic, Onions, Cayenne Pepper and other Spices like Tumeric and Oregano!  
Onions and Garlic have antimicrobial properties.  Cayenne is a great anti inflammatory. Tumeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant!  Oregano, is anti-bacterial, antioxidant, contains fiber, iron and vitamin K. 
Who couldn't ask for more!  Fresh is better, but you can also use Oregano Essential Oil in your cooking. 

Get Exercise! 30 to 45 minutes a day will help boost your immune system.  "But it is too cold to walk" EXCUSE! Don't make excuses, there are plenty of exercises that you can to indoors or you can go to the gym, or to a mall and walk around, just get active! 

Get good sleep! It would be good to get 7-8 hours of sleep.  This is the time that your body heals itself and repairs.  Not getting enough sleep can really wreck your immune system.  Turn off your computer, turn off the TV.  I like to go to my "happy place" in my mind to get myself to sleep.  Use Essential Oils to help.  I have posted a great blend for headaches that also helps clear  your mind.  Click Here to see the recipe for this blend. 

UH OH!!  I feel a cold coming on!! 

Stay HEALTHY this winter!  Eat right, get exercise and use your essential oils!  You won't regret it! 

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